Events Data

Identify opportunities driven by events

Identify opportunities driven by events

Major events act as catalysts for increased air travel demand. Attendees from different cities and countries converge to participate, creating a surge in bookings during event dates.

FareTrack’s Event Data Solution empowers airlines to not just predict, but to harness the momentum of event-driven demand. with million’s of historical events, and tens of thousands of new events weekly, FareTrack makes it easy for airlines to identify times of increased demand.

Event Categories include:

  • Entertainment Events

  • Tradeshows, Business events and conferences

  • Sports Events

  • Community & Cultural Events

  • Holidays, Festivals and Celebrations

Entertainment Events
Better Strategic route planning
  • Better Strategic route planning

  • Identify seasonal demand shifts

  • Deliver event specific targeted marketing and promotions

  • Incorporate event information into the booking process

  • Enrich dynamic pricing models with demand fluctuation data


Access data for millions of historical events


70k + new worldwide events added weekly


Full event information: including category, venue, & attendance

Delivery that fits your needs

Fully Scalable API

Direct Data Feed

Need data in a unique format? Just let us know, our
expert team loves a challenge!

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