Identify opportunities driven by events

Identify opportunities driven by events

Major events act as catalysts for increased air travel demand. Attendees from different cities and countries converge to participate, creating a surge in bookings during event dates.

FareTrack’s Event Data Solution empowers airlines to not just predict, but to harness the momentum of event-driven demand. with million’s of historical events, and tens of thousands of new events weekly, FareTrack makes it easy for airlines to identify times of increased demand.

Event Categories include:

  • Entertainment Events

  • Tradeshows, Business events and conferences

  • Sports Events

  • Community & Cultural Events

  • Holidays, Festivals and Celebrations

Event Categories
Better Strategic route planning
  • Better Strategic route planning

  • Identify seasonal demand shifts

  • Deliver event specific targeted marketing and promotions

  • Incorporate event information into the booking process

  • Enrich dynamic pricing models with demand fluctuation data


Access data for millions of historical events


70k + new worldwide events added weekly


Full event information: including category, venue, & attendance

Delivery that fits your needs

Fully Scalable API

Fully Scalable API

Direct Data Feed

Direct Data Feed

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