Build, monitor, and optimize your data shopping

Experience unparalleled control and flexibility over your fare shopping campaigns with FareTrack’s innovative Shop Manager tool.

This unique and innovative function empowers users to build, oversee, and refine their data shopping campaigns effortlessly. Utilizing our intuitive ‘Shop Manager’ dashboard, you can seamlessly add, adjust, pause, or remove any fare shop request at your convenience.

data shopping
Build data shopping campaigns

Build data shopping campaigns for your exact needs

Monitor and analyze

Monitor and analyze data performance

Choose from a directory

Choose from a directory of available sources

Real-time API

Real-time API option for specified sources

Effortless and flexible data management
tailored precisely to your requirements

Whether you’re integrating a real-time data extraction into your RMS or developing a campaign for
analysis using FareTrack’s BI Library, we simplify the process of selecting, monitoring, and customizing
data according to your unique requirements.

Our data Shop Manager puts you in charge

Choose Your
Choose your
airlines & OTAs
Choose your flight
Choose data
delivery options

Smarter monitoring of
delivery performance

faretrack schedule

Gain even greater insights into your data and
monitor delivery performance through
straightforward analysis that puts you in

24hr Live Chat Support

Our Shop Manager is super simple to use. But, should you ever have any
questions, or require some additional support our expert team are on
hand 24/7 to help you.



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