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Smart data: ancillaries comparison, volatility analysis and predictions


Powerful new data solutions for demand prediction


Customizable business intelligence dashboards

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The smartest data solution for competitive air fares

FareTrack is the airline industry’s most advanced competitive fare data solution, combining innovation and AI-driven intelligent modeling with a powerful data access and processing platform for competitive fare content.


A unique competitor
behavioral analysis tool

Predict the probability of fare movement in your competitors on any given day, design optimal fare shopping programs and deep-dive into the behavioral patterns of your competition’s revenue management policies.

customizable fare comparison

The most customizable fare comparison BI dashboard

The most intuitive and responsive fare comparison dashboard available, Visualize can be infinitely extended and customized to meet your exact business intelligence (BI) needs. You can easily integrate internal data (e.g., load or yield factor) with external data (competitive fares) to create uniquely insightful visuals, helping you make better and faster decisions.

Powerful data solutions

Powerful data solutions to identify event driven demand

An industry leading events data solution that combines state-of-the-art sourcing techniques with advanced machine learning, providing access to enriched data spanning millions of global events, deliverable in any format, scale and frequency.

Data capabilities enabling airlines
to excel in an evolving market

  • Competitor Fare Analysis

  • Competitor Pricing Behavior Analysis

  • Real-time Fare Checking

  • Fully Customizable Visualizations

  • NDC Content Analysis

  • Channel and Distribution Analysis

  • External Demand Signals

  • Smart Ancillary Fare Comparison

Why are so many airline revenue management
teams making the switch to FareTrack?

No more out of date or incomplete data

We can provide competitive data from any source, deliver it at any frequency, and in any format

Smarter data

Smarter data

We are market leading in AI-driven intelligent modeling – meaning smarter decision ready data

Flexible analysis

Flexible analysis

No more canned reports, rather we embrace complete flexibility built around your exact business requirements

Behavioral intelligence insights

Behavioral intelligence insights

We help our customers understand what their competitors are doing and crucially, the probability of when they’ll do it

Fare benchmarking allows FareTrack users


We believe in honest & transparent pricing. You only pay for the data you use & can cancel subscriptions at any time.

Unparalleled accuracy

Unparalleled accuracy

We know that the decisions you make rely on accurate data, which is why our data falls into 99% accuracy.



We work with you – listening to your requirements to build unique solutions, integrating with any RMS, and delivering data in any format

FareTrack's expert team is in hand 24/7 ready to help

24 hour expert support

Whatever your issue, our expert team are on hand to support you any time of the day.

White Paper

Exploring the Evolution of Airline Distribution: GDS and NDC

Airline distribution has experienced profound change due to technological advancements. Most recently, the introduction of New Distribution Capability (NDC) technology promises an even more efficient and streamlined future for airline distribution. This White Paper is a comprehensive exploration of the future of distribution and the roles played by GDS and NDC technologies.

White Paper: Exploring the Evolution of Airline Distribution: GDS and NDC

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decisions and benchmark your fares against your competition.

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