Empowering Airline Distribution Teams with Powerful Business Intelligence

Empowering Airline Distribution Teams with Powerful Business Intelligence

Recognizing the dynamic shift in airline distribution, we’ve adapted from relying solely on Global Distribution Systems (GDS) to integrating data from three key sources: GDS, web, and brand.com. This multi-source approach allows us to offer unparalleled insights into demand and price probabilities, providing a more holistic view of the market.

We then turn this data into the most intuitive and flexible business intelligence solutions on the market.

Business Intelligence solutions

Leading Business Intelligence solutions for airline distribution

AI-Driven smarter

AI-Driven smarter, more accurate distribution data

Innovative Shop Manager too

Innovative Shop Manager tool, for end-to-end user defined data management

most flexible

Flexible and transparent pricing that scales with your needs

Total flexibility

data solution
you control the cost

FareTrack offers unparalleled control over your data. With our Shop Manager, users can seamlessly launch, monitor, and optimize fare shopping campaigns from start to finish, giving you exceptional control and adaptability throughout the process.

Flexibility and transparency in pricing are central to FareTrack’s approach. With us, there are no setup fees or lengthy contracts; you only pay for the data you use.

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Fare Parity
Fare Parity

This dashboard compares your website fares with those available on OTA, helping you identify instances where your prices are being undercut or overpriced.

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    Monitor Fares offered by OTAs

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    Manage Parity issues

Fare Rank
Fare Rank

By offering real-time insights into price comparisons with competitors on airline websites and metasearch platforms, FareTrack empowers airlines to make data-driven decisions that enhance visibility, increase click-through rates, and ultimately boost their bottom line.

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    Real-time rank insights

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    Improve visibility, & click-through rates

Inventory Parity
Inventory Parity

FareTrack offers comprehensive tools to help airlines monitor inventory parity across their distribution channels. Our solution enables airlines to track availability, pricing, promotions, seat assignments, ancillary services, booking conditions with precision and efficiency.

Add Your Own Data

FareTrack provides a suite of fully customizable dashboards to facilitate smarter analysis. Our advanced analytics dashboards can be tailored to transform raw fare data into actionable insights customized to meet your specific business intelligence needs.

For instance, you can seamlessly merge internal data (such as load or yield factor) with external competitive fares to create compelling visualizations for in-depth analysis.

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    Include your own data for unique analysis

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    Customizable dashboards


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