Explore a marketplace of AI-enhanced data for advanced decision-making

We recognize that effective decision-making relies on a multitude of data inputs. Alongside our industry-leading fare data solutions, FareTrack delivers AI-enhanced decision-ready data across multiple areas of travel and hospitality.

Whether you need powerful demand insights from our events database or localized rate intelligence for hotels and nearby car rentals, we’ve got you covered.

  • Covering key strategic requirements

  • Identify cross-industry trends and correlations to anticipate demand shifts

  • Optimize pricing & revenue management strategies based on a holistic view of the travel ecosystem

  • Enhance your forecasting by considering event driven demand

Industry Leading Accuracy

Powerful event-driven
demand data

Timely Data Delivery

Car Rental Rates for any
airport or location

Easy to Manage

Hotel Room rates for any
airport or location

FareTrack Insights
Your Gateway to Multi-Industry Intelligence

FareTrack’s event data solution merges cutting-edge sourcing techniques with AI-driven intelligent modeling and advanced machine learning. The result? Airlines gain access to enriched demand data for any destination, driven by global, international or domestic events.


10m+ historical events

70k + new events weekly

Full event information: including name, category, location, venue, attendance

Any delivery format & fully scalable

Proprietary AI driven demand calculated from event attendance, venue capacities and character of events

Analyzing hotel price patterns of any destination can help airlines optimize their route planning and pricing strategies. Hotel rate shopping includes information on prices of any type of hotel, property or apartament.


AI enhanced pricing data for 3.5m+ hotels, including meal and rate plans, taxes and more

Any volume, schedule, source, and delivery format

Data from 100+ sources, including brand.com

Understanding rental car price fluctuations can inform decisions around any demand spikes at a destination


Fully parsed car rental pricing data

Ancillaries, taxes and more

Pricing volatility analysis

Any volume, schedule, source, and delivery format

Event-driven demand
Hotel rate monitoring solutions
Real-time car rental price data

All our Multi-Industry Intelligence is
accessible via FareTrack’s Shop Manager

Use FareTrack’s innovative Shop Manager to manage your data build campaigns.

This powerful tool enables users to effortlessly build, manage, and optimize their data shopping. You can easily add, adjust, pause, or remove any fare shop request at your convenience.

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Flexible & transparent pricing
No Hidden Fees, Just Transparent Pricing!

At FareTrack, we prioritize total flexibility and transparency in our pricing. Our pricing model scales to your needs, ensuring you pay only for the data you use—no long-term contracts, setup fees, or tiered pricing involved.

Market leading data accuracy

Delivering our customers with highly accurate data is the central tenet that
underpins all our efforts. Our data consistently maintains a precision level of 99.9%,
enabling our partners to make confident data-driven decisions.

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