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Data solutions for
the modern air travel market

At FareTrack, we’re providing AI-driven, accurate, timely, and actionable data intelligence solutions for the air travel industry. By continuously innovating our data sourcing and analysis techniques, we empower our clients with the insights they need to excel in the dynamic world of air travel.

Industry Leading Accuracy

Industry Leading Accuracy
& Completeness

Timely Data Delivery

Timely Data Delivery at
any Schedule

Easy to Manage

Easy to Manage &
Scalable Pricing

Our Solutions

FareTrack’s AI-powered Competitive Fare Tracking solution delivers unrivaled insights into your competitors’ pricing strategies, empowering you to make data-driven decisions that maximize revenue.

Our AI-driven “deep scraping” solutions, go all the way through the booking process to provide actionable insights on ancillary details and pricing.

Our expert team leverages advanced AI to analyze competitor pricing data, detecting and providing you with unparalleled insights into Open Pricing activities. With customized recommendations and continuous monitoring, we help you see what normally is not possible to see, and stay ahead in your markets.

Boost your online visibility and drive more bookings with FareTrack’s innovative Price Rank Value feature. By providing intelligent recommendations for price adjustments that propel you to the top of search results, our platform helps you capture up to 3x more traffic on Meta Search Sites and maximize your conversions.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your pricing landscape with FareTrack’s extensive range of travel data solutions, including detailed tax and fee breakdowns, historical fare analysis, parity analysis, and trend analysis. Our platform goes beyond just airfare data, offering insights into other critical travel segments such as hotels, rental cars, events, and reviews, empowering you to create a holistic, data-driven strategy that sets you apart from the competition.

Competitive Fare Tracking
Ancillary Pricing Insights
Open Pricing Monitoring and Alerts
Price Rank Value
Other Travel Data

Smart Data:
AI meets powerful data
access, and delivery

What differentiates FareTrack is our unique use of technology to capture,
enhance and deliver smarter data to our customers.


API Integration

Unlock unparalleled competitive intelligence with our API integration. Fully scalable and capable of real-time or scheduled delivery. Our API can be integrated with any RMS.


S3 Data Lake Access

Tap into a vast lake of airline data, empowering your team to extract valuable intelligence and make informed decisions swiftly.


Shop Manager

Our innovative Shop Manager empowers you with full control of your data. Easily create, monitor, and adjust fare shopping campaigns from start to finish.

Business Intelligence

Fully customizable Dashboards for next level analysis
Explore a library of charts featuring industry leading visualization

FareTrack features intuitive and responsive dashboards that can be fully customized to match your exact business intelligence requirements. Seamlessly integrate internal data (e.g., load or yield factor) with external competitive fares to generate powerful visuals for informed decision-making.

Discover our library of dynamic fare comparison dashboards featuring advanced analysis and market leading visualizations. Explore dashboards built for modern revenue management, distribution and network operation teams, encompassing critical areas such as price distribution, price horizon, rate parity, and flight schedules.

Why are we the air travel
industry’s go to solution?

FareTrack has a reputation among air travel professionals as problem solvers for their
data challenges. Whether as a standalone solution or complementary to existing solutions, more
and more air travel professionals choose us every day.

  • We’re more than just a data provider – we’re your strategic partner

  • We offer full data ownership and total control

  • We’re cost-effective and operate on a flexible consumption model that scales with your needs

Travel Agencies
  • Powerful Market demand indicators

  • Industry leading data accuracy for competitive benchmarking

  • Real-time and fully scalable on-demand data solutions for the air travel and wider hospitality market

Blogs & News

Offering expert insights, distinctive analysis, and informed
opinions on all aspects pertaining to airline revenue


Our ebooks provide comprehensive explorations of the key concepts in airline revenue management. We delve into subjects like NDC, Ancillary Revenue, Screen Bias, and Open Pricing, among others.