700+ airlines
  • 700+ airlines

  • 60,000+ origin & destinations

  • Real-time or scheduled shops

  • Any volume, any source

  • Fully parsed fare data

  • Ancillaries, taxes and more

  • Hybrid frequencies based on smart modeling

  • Any delivery format

  • Any RMS integration

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Fully Scalable API

Fully Scalable API

Direct Data Feed

Direct Data Feed

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Across the globe, airlines rely on FareTrack’s innovative data solutions to boost revenue
strategies, enhance market knowledge and identify new opportunities. Our partners utilize
our data for various applications, including:

Competitor Fare AnalysisReal-time Fare AnalysisNDC Content AnalysisChannel and Distribution AnalysisReal-Time Fast Data for Re-enforcement LearningRoute DevelopmentParity Monitoring

FareTrack is able to aggregate, normalize and enhance competitive fare data from any source. Our fare intelligence data empowers airlines to strategically adjust their fares and offerings, ensuring they remain agile and responsive to market dynamics while maintaining a competitive edge.

Predictive analysis

Traditional fare analysis processes often involve delays and outdated information, which can hinder airlines from making timely and informed decisions. FareTrack’s solution, however, ensures that airlines have access to the most up-to-date and accurate data, enabling them to respond quickly to market changes, price fluctuations, and competitor actions.


FareTrack enables airlines to conduct comprehensive NDC (New Distribution Capability) content analysis by aggregating, normalizing, and enriching NDC-related data. NDC content analysis enhances airlines’ ability to strategically position their offerings within the evolving distribution landscape effectively.


FareTrack facilitates advanced airline channel and distribution analysis by aggregating, normalizing, and analyzing data from various distribution channels. This comprehensive solution enables airlines to assess the performance of different channels, compare market trends, and optimize their distribution strategies in real time.

reinforcement learning

FareTrack’s real-time data is a vital asset for airlines implementing revenue management reinforcement learning. By providing immediate insights into market dynamics, and competitive actions, real-time data empowers RMS algorithms to make agile and effective pricing decisions that maximize revenue and maintain a competitive edge.


FareTrack assists airlines in evaluating fare trends on specific routes, helping them identify high-demand routes, pricing gaps, and opportunities for route expansion. This data-driven approach guides airlines in making well-informed decisions about route planning and development.

Line chart

Airlines leverage FareTrack data to monitor pricing parity across distribution channels and markets, ensuring uniformity in fares offered. By collecting and analyzing pricing data from direct channels, OTAs, GDS, and more, our fare shopping data help airlines identify pricing disparities, investigate their origins, and implement corrective measures to uphold parity.

Accuracy is everything

Delivering our customers with highly accurate data is the central tenet that underpins all our efforts. Our data consistently maintains a precision level of 99.9%, enabling our partners to make confident data-driven decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does FareTrack support NDC generated web content?

Yes, it does. We are able to source data from any source and frequency, including from OTAs, meta search, and brand.com.

How is FareTrack data delivered?

We deliver FareTrack data in two different ways; API & Direct Data Feed. If you require data to be delivered directly, we offer a direct data feed service. We can supply data in the format of your choice, including excel, CSV, FTP, Google Sheets, or Google Looker.

Is FareTrackAPI “real-time”?

The FareTrackAPI offers real-time fare checking dependent on source credibility. Direct Data Feeds can be delivered to you at any frequency.

How scalable is the FareTrackAPI?

The FareTrackAPI is fully scalable to your needs.

How accurate is the data?

Our data usually falls into 99,9% accuracy, however as the data is live, it means prices may change any second, the prices updated on a daily basis may be changed in between refreshes. The more frequent price refreshes the higher the accuracy of data.

Do you have customer support?

Yes, we have highly qualified data experts in our team to help you in each step of your journey.

Does your data support reinforcement learning?

Yes, our real-time fare intelligence data can be used to support reinforcement learning for Revenue Management Systems.

What is the length of the contract?

There is no minimum contract length, and you only pay for the data you use. Our contracts can be canceled at any time.

Do you provide free data samples through an API and Data feeds?

Yes, we can provide free samples of data delivered as data feeds or via the API.

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