Optimized Data Extractions

Optimized Data Extractions

Fare extraction is an essential aspect of fare analysis, involving the retrieval of fare information from diverse sources and systems at different intervals. Optimize greatly improves this process by delivering airlines probability based optimal fare extraction schedules. By transitioning from the conventional daily fare updates to optimized updates that leverage competition price change behaviors, airlines can reduce extraction costs by up to 40%. FareTrack Optimize saves airlines valuable time and resources, allowing them to focus on strategic fare management and revenue optimization

An easy-to-use dashboard that unlocks your
competitor’s pricing behavior

optimal strategies for extracting competitor

Build optimal strategies for extracting competitor fare data by leveraging Optimize’s probability of change analysis, allowing you to minimize data extraction costs.

Uncover fare change probabilities from 180 days prior

Uncover fare change probabilities from 180 days prior to departure and gain insights into the frequency and magnitude of daily price changes

Gain valuable intelligence

Gain valuable intelligence on your competitors’ revenue management strategies. Identify the days they are most likely to change fares, pinpoint the specific price classes that undergo adjustments, and unveil their pricing patterns.

An innovative solution for modern airlines

By tracking competitor pricing behavior, FareTrack Optimize allows airlines to optimize their fare strategies, improve revenue management, and stay competitive in an ever-evolving market.

Why Choose FareTrack Optimize?

Platform Neutral

Platform Neutral

Optimize can be used alongside any data provider as a standalone tool

Modifiable Parameters

Modifiable Parameters

Modify parameters to save costs or increase accuracy of response – dependant on your needs

Cut Data Extraction Expenditure

Cut Data Extraction Expenditure

Daily price change monitoring allows our customers to focus on fare optimization rather than manually checking for changes.

Understand Competitor Pricing Behavior

Understand Competitor Pricing Behavior

Identify the probability of competitor price changes, by fare type and day to gain insights into competitor revenue management strategies

Free Trial

Try Optimize free for 14 days, and unlock in-depth competitor pricing behavioral analysis

FREE for 14 Days

  • Choose 1 COMP
    A COMP is a set of Carrier – Origin/Destination – Cabin class
  • 14 Day Free trial
  • 1-on-1 Platform training


Uncover competitor fare change probabilities, create optimized fare extraction schedules & discover competitor revenue management strategies

$100 / month

  • Choose up to 10 COMPs
    A COMP is a set of Carrier – Origin/Destination – Cabin class
  • Add COMPs for just $5/comp/month
  • Cancel anytime after 6 months
  • 1-on-1 Platform training

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Optimize?

Optimize is an advanced behavioral analysis tool that helps users identify the probability of fare movement in their competitors. Users can then use this to build more effective competitor data extraction schedules, and understand competitor revenue management strategies.

How does the Optimize free trial work?

You can request the analysis of one COMP (Carrier – Origin/Destination – Cabin class). After 14 days, you will receive access to the dashboard describing the pricing behavior of the selected airline on the given route and cabin class.

Does Optimize work alongside my current data provider?

Yes. With Optimize you can find the optimal rate shopping strategy and implement it wherever you want, with the data provider of your preference. If you would like to supplement data, FareTrack can support this.

Are Optimize visualizations customizable?

Yes it is possible to customize your visualizations, If you have suggestions or modifications to propose, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to customize your dashboard accordingly.

How can I use the extraction recommendations?

Any recommendation is as good as your action upon it. Understanding competitor revenue strategy allows you to monitor when, how often and by how much your competitors are changing prices. This provides an educated understanding of their actions and optimal fare shopping suggestions to request from your rate shopping provider to change rate shopping schedule to save on costs or increase accuracy.

How long should I observe the competition?

We recommend a minimum period of time of 6 months, in that time the model works better as the more data we collect, the more accurate the algorithm.

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