FareTrack.ai launches to help airlines respond to increasingly dynamic and distributed fare competition

FareTrack.ai launches to help airlines

Bringing new visualization and analysis tools for airlines to make it easier to compete within a changing fare management landscape

Aggregate Intelligence (AI), the world’s leading data-as-a-service company, has announced the launch of FareTrack (www.faretrack.ai), it’s airline fare analysis solution. AI works with some of the world’s leading airlines in data aggregation and analysis, and FareTrack is a result of years of close collaboration with key customers. 

FareTrack enables airline pricing managers to visualize, analyze and benchmark future fares against accurate, customer-facing prices. It illustrates fare change opportunities using pricing presented on the public web. The core product is an easy-to-use online dashboard that offers a variety of visualizations and controls to enable pricing managers to intuitively analyze competitive fare information. The product includes features such as dynamic fare change indicators, advanced filtering for micro-analysis and source side-by-side comparison.

Airline price management and distribution is evolving rapidly and part of that is increased manipulation along those distribution chains or the by-passing of traditional distribution altogether”, says John Tilly, CEO of Aggregate Intelligence. “Our specialty is aggregating and analyzing real-world data: information seen by customers in a booking process. Airlines are often making decisions based on information further up the chain and there can be accuracy challenges with that data”.

FareTrack can include data from any source and works with numerous partners to ensure accuracy and reliability. It has been configured and presented to provide complete flexibility to the user – no-minimums, no-fixed-licenses and the user only pays for what is needed.

More information on FareTrack can be found at www.faretrack.ai

About Aggregate Intelligence

Aggregate Intelligence (AI) is a data-as-a-service company headquartered in Detroit USA, with offices and representatives across the globe. The company specializes in large-scale data aggregation, enhancement and delivery and works with thousands of customers across multiple markets including hospitality, car rental, air travel, commercial real estate and more. For more information on the company, you can visit Aggregate Intelligence.

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