Faretrack, Flexible benchmarking solution for airlines


Faretrack, It is an flexible and easy price benchmarking platform for airlines.

A powerful range of dynamic filters and analysis is available to the user, including competitor fare benchmarking, complete route analysis, and price change features. Fare Tracking Platform uses a three-tier architecture that is scalable to cope with the growing amount of data without hampering the user experience.

To understand what is happening in the market at a microscopic level, it is often necessary to collect massive amounts of data and subsequently have the computing power to analyze it and draw conclusions.

For this reason, Faretrack utilizes a scalable three-tier architecture so it can handle the growing amount of data without compromising the user experience.

Competitor Analysis

The industry hurdles have been broken down into modules to make pricing management as flexible and easy as possible;

  1. Competitor Benchmarking
  2. Price Change Indicator
  3. Market Analysis
  4. Rate Parity
  5. Dynamic Filtering
  6. Platform Pricing

Competitor Benchmarking: There’s a way for you to compare your rates with your competitors, using intuitive graphs that allow you to zoom in and zoom out as you wish.

Price Change Indicator: It is utmost important to know what has changed from the previous time you looked at data and it is difficult to keep track. In Faretrack, this is done with just one click and our complex analysing tools make this easy for users.

Market Analysis: It is difficult to understand the nature of each and every market and how your business fits into each of them. Check the lowest and highest fares, as well as the ranges where prices are most common and how to position your average fare on the market cap.

Rate Parity: Check your own minimum rates against OTAs to see who is undercutting you.

Dynamic Filtering: Simple and dynamic filters let the pricing analyst see only what he or she wants and derive the market position accordingly.

Platform Pricing: We understand that airline pricing analysis platforms are an expense, thus charge only for the data and give you the platform for FREE.

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Author: Murtuza Dhinojwala, VPA APAC Business Development

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