FareTrack Revolutionizes Airline Data Intelligence with Optimize: A Groundbreaking Approach to Competitor Behavior Analysis

Product Lunch

FareTrack, the leading data intelligence provider for modern airlines, has unveiled its latest innovation: Optimize, a cutting-edge behavioral analysis tool. This ground-breaking solution is set to transform airline fare strategies by providing in-depth insights into airline competitors’ pricing behavior.

Unlike any tool currently available in the market, Optimize leverages its advanced technology to analyze millions of data points, empowering airline revenue and pricing teams with unprecedented visibility into their competitors’ pricing behavior. By tracking and monitoring competitor pricing behavior, Optimize equips airlines with the ability to anticipate the probability of changes in pricing, including timing, frequency, and magnitude, enabling them to stay one step ahead of the competition.

In addition to its comprehensive competitor analysis capabilities, Optimize also addresses the issue of inefficient and costly data extraction schedules. Many airlines currently pull data for competitor fares that have remained unchanged for months, incurring unnecessary costs. Optimize solves this problem by providing airlines with a cost-effective data extraction schedule that maximizes accuracy while minimizing expenses.

John Tilly, President of FareTrack, emphasized the significance of Optimize in today’s rapidly evolving airline market. He stated, “Traditional data intelligence solutions and processes are leaving modern airlines vulnerable to inadequate competitor price tracking, and expensive data extraction procedures. Optimize represents a ground-breaking approach to fare intelligence that reduces data expenditure and enhances pricing precision, aligning with the future of data intelligence for airlines.”

Optimize is designed as a standalone, platform-neutral tool, allowing airlines to seamlessly integrate it into their existing price comparison strategies. Regardless of the preferred data supplier, Optimize enhances and complements airlines’ pricing analysis, ultimately driving better decision-making.

For more information about Optimize and to request a demo, please visit www.faretrack.ai

About FareTrack

FareTrack, by Aggregate Intelligence is the complete data intelligence solution for airlines. At FareTrack, we’re dedicated to empowering dynamic decision-making for airlines. Our cutting-edge technology and unparalleled commitment to accuracy and affordability make us the industry leader in supporting fare optimization through identifying market signals, visualization and data interpretation. Our real-time API provides fully scalable access to the most complete and reliable fare data available. And with our flexible, intuitive visualization platforms, you’ll be able to unlock powerful insights and make data-driven pricing decisions with ease.

Visit www.faretrack.ai for more information, or contact porford@aggregateintelligence.com for all press enquiries.

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