Navigating Screen Bias: A Must-Read Guide for Airline Revenue Management

Screen Bias for Airline Revenue Management,

Understanding and managing “screen bias” is crucial for airline revenue management. Our latest eBook delves deep into the evolution of this concept, from the era of Computer Reservation Systems (CRS) to today’s digital realm dominated by Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and Metasearch engines.

The Origins of Screen Bias: From CRS to Modern OTAs

Originally rooted in CRS, screen bias was a tactic used by airlines to prioritize their flights over competitors’, significantly influencing booking decisions. Today, this dynamic persists in the digital era but with more intricate mechanisms involving search algorithms, paid advertisements, and partnerships.

Implications for Airline Revenue Management

As the industry shifted from CRS to Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and now to OTAs and Metasearch engines, the implications of screen bias have expanded. Despite the complexities, the key driver remains unchanged: price.

Navigating the Challenges: Strategies for Success

While airlines may not have direct control over screen bias on third-party platforms, there are proactive steps they can take to leverage these channels strategically. From investing in data analytics tools to negotiating placements and promotions, revenue managers can adapt their strategies to optimize visibility and competitiveness.

The Role of NDC in Shaping Distribution

As the industry embraces New Distribution Capability (NDC), the strategic importance of OTAs and Metasearch platforms becomes more pronounced. Airlines must reimagine their approach to third-party distribution, embracing rank management to compete effectively in this new era.

Unlocking Revenue Potential Through Rank Management

By understanding the nuances of screen bias and adopting data-driven rank management strategies, airlines can level the playing field and maximize revenue potential in today’s complex distribution landscape.

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