FareTrack’s Origin Story

big data to the global travel industry

Murtuza Dhinojwala, is a VP of Aggregate Intelligence, a provider of big data to the global travel industry. When working with airline revenue management teams, supplying them with competitive fare information, schedules, rate parity, and rules insight, Murtuza realized that many carriers need reliable and timely competitive fare insights, yet currently lack the access and resources. Often, they simply do not have the staff to process the overwhelming amount of information. Or have the budget for expensive third-party integrations that come with significant financial obligations. Especially with increasing fare volatility,…

FareTrack.ai launches to help airlines respond to increasingly dynamic and distributed fare competition

FareTrack.ai launches to help airlines

Bringing new visualization and analysis tools for airlines to make it easier to compete within a changing fare management landscape Aggregate Intelligence (AI), the world’s leading data-as-a-service company, has announced the launch of FareTrack (www.faretrack.ai), it’s airline fare analysis solution. AI works with some of the world’s leading airlines in data aggregation and analysis, and FareTrack is a result of years of close collaboration with key customers.  FareTrack enables airline pricing managers to visualize, analyze and benchmark future fares against accurate, customer-facing prices. It illustrates fare change opportunities using pricing…

Air Canada expands international network ahead of summer


Air Canada has unveiled additional details of its planned international schedule for this summer, which includes the resumption of 17 routes and 11 destinations across the world from its hubs. The airline is resuming its service between Calgary and Frankfurt, as of August 1st, up to four times weekly, and is also offering for the first time a non-stop service from Montreal to Cairo, Egypt, three times weekly. “As travel restrictions ease across the globe, we are committed to rebuild our international network and continue as a global carrier to…

U.S.-UK Flying Will Be Back in Weeks: Airline Group Chief

White passenger airplane is flying in the sky with clouds

The head of global airline body IATA said he was cautiously optimistic about demand for travel in the second half of the year, adding that he expects transatlantic flying between Britain and the United States to re-open in the coming weeks. Schedules are expanding as airlines sense consumer demand for travel rising and progress with COVID-19 vaccinations means shuttered routes could resume, International Air Transport Association Director General Willie Walsh told reporters. “I think we have to be optimistic that we will see a relaxation in relation to transatlantic flying…

Virgin Atlantic leads reopening of Heathrow


Heathrow Airport has confirmed it will return to two runway operations from this week ahead of a predicted uptick in travel. England is expected to take the final step out of lockdown on July 19th. Prime minister, Boris Johnson, is also expected to offer more detail on the reopening of travel today. In response, the busiest airport in the UK will also reopen terminal three later this month. The southern runway at Heathrow was originally closed on July 12th last year following the collapse of passenger traffic at the height of the…

Ulaanbaatar welcomes new international airport

Chinggis Khaan International Airport

Chinggis Khaan International Airport has officially opened on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar. The project is a joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation, Narita International Airport Corporation, Japan Airport Terminal Company, JALUX and the Mongolian government. Under the terms of its concession agreement, New Ulaanbaatar International Airport (NUBIA) will be in charge of airport operations for the next 15 years. The new airport was originally scheduled to commence operations in 2020, but the opening was delayed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. All assets have now been safely transferred from the old airport…

Faretrack, Flexible benchmarking solution for airlines


Faretrack, It is an flexible and easy price benchmarking platform for airlines. A powerful range of dynamic filters and analysis is available to the user, including competitor fare benchmarking, complete route analysis, and price change features. Fare Tracking Platform uses a three-tier architecture that is scalable to cope with the growing amount of data without hampering the user experience. To understand what is happening in the market at a microscopic level, it is often necessary to collect massive amounts of data and subsequently have the computing power to analyze it…

New Saudi airline plan takes aim at Emirates, Qatar Airways

Courtesy: Reuters

Saudi Arabia plans to target international transit passenger traffic with its new national airline, going head-to-head with Emirates and Qatar Airways and revving up regional competition. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is pushing economic diversification to wean Saudi Arabia off oil revenues and create jobs, announced a transportation and logistics drive on Tuesday aimed at making the kingdom the fifth-biggest air transit hub.

Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellations Mount as Summer Begins

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines (NYSE:LUV) has a flight cancellation problem. As air travel demand has come roaring back in 2021, the low-fare airline giant has rapidly ramped up flight volumes. However, it has struggled to operate its schedule reliably in recent weeks, because of a combination of staffing shortages, an IT outage, and bad weather. If Southwest can’t get its operations back on track quickly, the airline could squander the growth opportunities it has been pursuing over the past year. Flight cancellations mount Last month, Southwest Airlines canceled 2,687 flights, an average of about 90 per…